Cosmetic Dermatology

While keeping your skin healthy is the primary goal of any dermatologist, maintaining your skin’s beauty is also one of our goals. Both Dr. Skolnik and Dr. Franks perform an array of cosmetic procedures and can offer you advice on achieving that youthful, healthy look that we all wish we could maintain forever! Among the cosmetic procedures we offer include wrinkle treatments (BoTox™), spider vein treatments (including sclerotherapy), and removal/treatment of unsightly brown spots (aka “liver spots”) or irritated moles/skin tags/growths. Please make an appointment to discuss any cosmetic questions you may have with either Dr. Skolnik or Dr. Franks and they would be happy to review your options with you and even perform treatments on the same day if you are ready to go! Start looking younger and healthier today!


Cosmetic Services

BoTox treatments Before and after photo of BoTox™ treatments.

Spider veins can be treated with sclerotherapy Before and after photo of spider veins treated with sclerotherapy.