Question: What happens if you combine a board-certified pediatrician (a trained EXPERT in treating infants, children, and adolescents) with a board-certified dermatologist (a trained EXPERT in treating problems/diseases of the skin, hair, and nails)?

Answer: you get Dr. Ira Skolnik! While most physicians in the United States are board-certified in only one field of medicine, Dr. Skolnik is board-certified in three! He is certified in Pediatrics, Dermatology, as well as the very rare sub-specialty of Pediatric Dermatology. In fact there are fewer than 10 board-certified Pediatric Dermatologists practicing in Massachusetts, and only three who are “triple” Board-certified, including Dr. Skolnik. In addition, Dr. Skolnik is one of only two triple Board-certified Pediatric Dermatologists in the entire United States who also has a Ph.D. degree!

What does this mean for your child? It means that your child is going to be seen by a nationally-recognized expert in children’s skin diseases who will put you and your child at ease. He will listen carefully to the history of the problem, thoroughly examine your child, and then formulate a treatment plan that will appropriately help your child.

The most common adjectives and phrases parents have used to describe Dr. Skolnik’s approach to children are:

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