Almost everyone has heard about BoTox™ nowadays! It has been around for decades and used to be available only to the wealthiest of patients. BoTox™ is an injectable protein which has the effect of softly smoothing wrinkles and frown lines around the eyes and forehead.

It is incredibly safe and very effective, and is now much more affordable. BoTox™ is probably the single most common cosmetic procedure that dermatologists perform in their offices, including in our office. The procedure itself takes just a few minutes, and there is virtually no “down time”: patients usually return to work the same day and no one else can usually tell that the procedure had just been performed on them.

As with any cosmetic procedure, health insurance will not cover BoTox™.

Start looking younger and happy again!

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Botox before and after photo Before and after a BoTox™ procedure.